Dienstag, August 02, 2005

tiny bubbles

Another day at the grind is coming to a close. One more and I’m off to mountain paradise by the sea (and many many mountain biking boys). That makes Sassy smile. And almost forget about all my aches and pains, which there are an abundance of right now. Am I getting old? Or just working too much?

Whichever it is, tonight’s Yoga class should bring some much needed relief. Maybe even a bubble bath afterwards. I have a fully stocked fridge of bevies to choose from (stopped by the liquor store on my way home from the function on Sunday night- it amuses me to go shopping in my tux shirt and bow tie, it really does), so I can sip while I soak my worries away. Cause I know that worry is partially causing these knots in my neck & shoulders. And life’s too short for that. I declare the bathroom an anxiety-free zone.

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