Dienstag, August 02, 2005

mellow's not even the word

Ok, so the bath never happened. I still feel as though I am levitating, at least a foot and a half off the ground. I have a funny feeling I should have checked my horoscope today, it would most certainly have been full of good things. Although I read something recently about Mercury being in retrograde and how that affects communications of all kinds... Hmmm one to ponder.

Another time. Right now I'm revelling in
- a new *very cute* skirt, given to me this eve as a gift from housematey #1, Uhu
- potato & cheddar perogies and sour cream with fresh pepper for dinnah
- a marvelously delicious hot date on Sat that yes, I'm driving 12 hours for
- the brilliant idea of giving my sis a spa day for two on Friday as a b-day gift
- the after effects of yoga and inverted poses, mango extra cider and this beautiful night...



Omni hat gesagt…

Those pierogies sound GOOD!! :-)

SG hat gesagt…

mmm they are- even cold, believe it or not! Had to have 'em as I'm going to miss the Perogyfest at work tomorrow.