Mittwoch, August 24, 2005

dog hair, dog shit, itchy eyes - - a meal to die for

~title remotely provided by Uhu~

Day 2 here at camp Luxus. And man, did the girlz and I <dine> this eve.

Scampi, Scallops, Goats cheese and fresh basil in the salad (actually, my only grocery contribution) and one of our all time favorites, Spanokopita.

The company was equally as delicious. C & S (aka Becky, she of the Farmer Joe marrying kind) kindly joined me this evening for a dinnah fit for Queens. The three of us attended college together *gulp* 11 years ago, and have remained close over the years. One of the highlights of our bond saw both girls taking nannying jobs for a few months (of varying degrees of success) in the small town in Bavaria,Germany where was I living in the spring/summer of '95.

We usually go for either Indian or Greek, about once or twice a year, and have a good chat and chow down. Tonight was no exception, and I was glad to play hostess in this castle while we laughed, caught up and talked about making plans for a trip to either Vegas or NY before their respective families (and perhaps my own?) get underway.

I am thankful for good girlfriends tonight.

Not so much the allergies kicking up and creatures being naughty. But I'll deal.

Now 'scuse me, while I go jacuzz.

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