Samstag, August 06, 2005

a girl named Mo

I'm having the time of my life this gorgeous summer night in Kelowna. What the hell am I doing in Kelowna, you ask? Well, not only did we get a little sidetracked by my favorite winery (Summerhill), but Jules decided she wanted a little break, a reverse piggy back ride on a BIG-ass tow truck and a new fuel pump, no less.

So Mo, my new totally-on-the-same-wavelength buddy/roadtrip partner extrordianaire and I spent the evening hooking ourselves up with our new ride (an amazing 2005 dark green blazer with 3,500 kms on it) and learning how to wakeboard out on the beautiful Okanogan lake, topped off by a delicious dinner with a group of her friends at a restaurant we ~get this~ drove the boat to. Life just couldn't possibly get any better than this, even if we had planned it!

So here's to fruit stands, sunsets, warm summer nights, the gentle waves that rock the boat, and a surprisingly nice change of plans.

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