Donnerstag, August 11, 2005


I have a confession to make (I can just hear the collective Oh No!)
It's not that bad. It's just that I haven't had time to figure out how the webcam works yet so alas, there's no new pic this week.

These are my toes. On the end of a dock on South Pender Island. Pre-Pedicure, as you can see. I can't remember whether it was later this day or sometime the next when I got them done. What a treat that was, staying at a beautiful brand new resort at a staff rate (thanks, Jacquie!)

I have had a lot of lovely trips this year. Hopefully I'll have the other pics by next week (and figure out the cam too).


Osbasso hat gesagt…

Welcome back to HNT! Sounds like you had an enjoyable trip! Enough fun--now go learn your camera!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Happy HNT! Very Nice