Montag, August 08, 2005

re cap

The sun has gone down. But not before I had the time of my life. This has been a weekend CHOC full of FUN FUN FUN and oh so very necessary escapism. I just happen to have one of the best sisters, EVER, to party with (toss in assorted Stingers and a D-girrl and you're good to go anywhere). She actually out-puffed the Sass yesterday,which I'm still surprised and shocked about, but you couldn't wipe the smile off of my face if you tried right now.

I'm at a complete loss at how to go about the re cap.

There were several extremely yummy salads, one with crab/avacado, one with goats cheese and I forget what else and one with shrimp. I love salads when it's too hot for anything else, you're sitting on a patio and sippin on somethin that accompanies it perfectly (tonight it was Freddy's own Honey Lager... and we had 5 litres at a time delivered to our table, in a big long bong-like dispenser).

Mmm the accompaniments these past sun soaked days... Strongbow on the boat (to match the yellow leather seats, for sure), Gewuertztraminer with the birthday dinner yesterday, gin and tonics last night when "nichts gehts mehr" occured.

Enough with the food & bev reviews, how was the ~scenery~?? Well, at a world class downhill biking competition, what else can you possibly expect but the finest of the fine? Our eyes (all seven sets) were treated to an array of beautifully toned hard core downhillers. In fact, in a scene that I felt should have been included in a Matrix film, we sat, humbled the only way I can attempt to explain the sitting on the pavement at the base of the hill, transfixed by the what seemed to be slow motion moving passers-by. A constant stream of talented, sweat and dust covered young men (and women, let's not forget the women!). My inner people watching fanatic was having a heyday. Or is it hayday? Ach, have another drink, SG!

I also have to highly recommend the staying-at-a-friends-house route, especially if you are low on funds in the first place and then get bitch slapped upside the head with an $800 repair bill halfway through. I have to say thanks and invite said friends to come to cowtown so I can return the favours.

For now, I have to say nice to have been places I have never been before (including to the top of the hill after a hilarious hot gondola boxed ride with aforementioned birthday having sister and D Girrl). Mind blowing scenery, I *heart* bc fruit, sweet sweet friends I get to have a date with once a year, new music lasting through the speakers, an afternoon spent on a blanket in the shade enjoying the breeze... Life just don't get better than this.

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