Samstag, August 20, 2005

mid weekend pause and reflect (otherwise known as procrastination)

This weekend's theme should be 'things don't always go according to plan'. Eh. Deal with it, right? Roll with those punches.

I'm halfway through a major turn-everything-on-its-head cleaning rampage, and I've taken a few (very deserved) breaks along the way...

I'm sifting through the many many internet radio stations at the wandering click of my mouse. So far today, we've hit some seriously old funk in Soulsville, one with the intriguing name of 'Shake Jugs, not Babies' from Nova Scotia promising blues, uk garage & downtempo, and right now we've got Soulgood/Streetlevel, Tribal & Funky House, UK Garage, from South Australia.

oh, how i *heart* djs.

Been wanting to write that for a couple days. 'nother story for 'nother time. :)

I was talking about plans that get distorted and now instead of option a) or b), c) came up as a possibility and then not. So, too late for a) I guess it's b) unless something more intruiging should arise. Oh, it kinda makes your head spin a little. Maybe option d) staying home and getting your shit done shoulda been the plan all along. Certainly the easiest plan, seeing as though my car had to stay and extra night in the repair shop due to a problem that was discovered during the test drive.

However, that situation has made any possible plans on Sunday that include *driving* to reach my destination (for example, visit my big sis & nephews who live a half hour south) pas possible.
That's where a spontanious nature comes in mighty handy. And the C-Train. I get to accomplish c) after all! Find a townhouse suitable for me ma who is in the process of downsizing. It happens I really enjoy open houses (and the chance to help her pick a new abode out).

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program... ridding the crib of dust bunnies!

a) attending Reggae fest. Also ruled out due to lack of funds :(
b) going for yet more b-day drinks with sis as she hands the baton over to B, the next bday gal
c) house shopping with the mama

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Omni hat gesagt…

My house could use some cleaning... do you want to come and "rampage" over here? ;-)