Montag, Juli 04, 2005

Adventures in Lawnmowing

Apparently I have earned a new nickname from Uhu. Saucy. Nice variation on the sassafrass theme, actually.

Nice, gentle start to the week. My walking buddy cancelled last minute and although I *should* have gotten up and walked/jogged anyway, I rolled over and dozed for another hour. Could be due to the slight stiffness I was feeling after my shift last night. Oh well, tomorrow's another morning and we meet at 7!

Probably would a teensy bit more with it had I gotten my lazy butt up, but the day began and I drank my tea and woke up eventually. Enough to do today to make me feel competent as well as help the time pass till my early departure.

Loved having an extra few hours in the afternoon to putz around (read= surf, laundry, I always need a few projects on the go at once), clean up the yard in preparation for mowing it. And I had every intention! Alas, the powers that be were not cooperating cause when I went to the garage to get the lawnmower, it was nowhere to be seen!

Alas indeed. Upon returning from soccer practice and smelling that sweet sweet smell wafting from the garage next door, I of course followed my nose (it always knows) and found a gaggle of neighbourly neighbours in the midsts of a friendly game of poker in said garage.

Not only did I find the mower, but a friendly (might just have discovered a new elf!) soul who volunteered to show me how to use the damn thing. Yes, the very one who does her nails on the eve of going camping has never mowed a lawn. Shocked? I didn't think so.

Now THAT was fun. And quite a good workout. May just have burned more calories than I did during soccer practice. Plus, I have the funkiest looking lawn on the block ~ somehow ended up doing a triangular pattern...Hee hee. Feeling quite satisfied and competent (have to share moods verbally as poor unky doesn't seem to be operational at the moment) and quenched after my two ciders. I'm perhaps ready to head to bed sometime soon. Mmm. Bed. Like now? G'night.

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