Freitag, Juli 01, 2005

I'm surrounded by holidayness

Happy happy holiday weekend to both sides of the border! I'm sure I could find out with what frequency that happens fairly easily but I'm too lazy to google.

Had a fantastically lazy day (with the exception of the bike ride to & from sistas to suck more water out of her basement for a few hours). A 3 hour nap when I got home! Still a little groggy, I have been having me some lounging/surfing fun, uploading more of the camping pics to Flickr, and exploring the wickedness of world wide radio broadcasts. SO nice to have some new music to listen to (internet love) and I'm excited about ~eventually~ setting up my itunes situation here at the crib.

Some of the stations I hit tonight on

the ~ Underground Hip Hop Radio, New Songs, Classics, Unreleased, Live Mixshows, Move
WA electronic ~ dancefloor orientated DnB from an Australian perspective
Utopia Vibes ~ Downbeat, Jazz, Trip-Hop, Lounge lovers
Creation Steppin ~ classic and modern roots reggae
Soulgood / Streetlevel ~ Tribal & Funky House. UK Garage. From South Australia.

Quite the mix!

As my wishlist grows, I'm anticipating a nice beats filled Summer...

Do me a favor and go out and shake your booties for me? At least once in the next 3 days. For me ;)

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