Donnerstag, Juli 28, 2005

Ready for Me

Halfway done putting the groceries away. Is that anything like sitting halfway up the stairs? It happens to be halfway through the week, too. How peculiar. What a stellar day, though. Seriously. Once the sitting at my desk answering calls and emails part was over, that is. :)

I think my subconscious (thanks, subconscious!) knows that things are going to shift just a bit this upcoming week and is making the necessary adjustments on my behalf. I agreed to two catering shifts this week, which a) leaves me with no weekend but b) oh yeah, I'm taking a 5 day weekend next week!! Yee Haw, I'm headed to the coast to celebrate my superstar sista's 30th in style. Drunken style, but still, it's a style. (Not to mention Doggie! Hee hee). So the extra shifts will come in handy what with the feeding of my beamer's hungry tank to get me out there and back.

The perfect yoga class (how does she just *know* I need the hip openers? this woman is incredible) was followed by a trip that filled my empty fridge and pantry accompanied by my oh so tired Uhu. Plus, I managed to sneak in laundering my sheets in between so I now have a freshly made bed to crawl into... Shortly. Very shortly.

I am still enjoying the quiet, peaceful cool night that has unfolded around me. Kat's 'the beauty of recovery' is playing, my post yoga mellow mood meshing well with this glass of italian white. All is in order in my little corner of the world. Sweet dreams.

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