Donnerstag, Juli 14, 2005

one more time

Exhale. Don't forget to inhale.

It's been one of those days, thank goodness it's almost over and I have freshly laundered sheets to put on the bed. Does anyone else think it utterly shocking and ridiculous that a 31 year old woman should only have one set of sheets to her name? Whatever.

Had quite the surprisingly productive work day and evening, considering my hungover state. Lost the write-a-rap contest for the Black Eyed Peas tickets. Terribly disappointing , I tell ya. Lunched with a colleague who is hiring me for her reception set up (my first freelance job!). Went for my yoga class tonight and found it cancelled due to the fact that nobody else showed up. Oh well, had a nice chat with the teacher and came home and practiced in the living room to the tape with the strange south african accented man on it. Aforementioned laundry, some much needed art therapy (with a brand new box of Crayolas, no less - maybe I'll figure out how to post my masterpiece) and dinner. If you count putting a soya dog on a bun with a slice of cheese any considerable amount of effort.

How could I forget the trip the grocery store on my way home, where the water incident* took place. (*possibly my second rant in a week, watch out)...

Really not up to getting into details there, so I'll say goodnight. Sleep tight.

ps the picture above is one I just found in the shared folder. It is titled "Sankatra Happy Place". Indeed.

miss you,

deine biene

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