Donnerstag, Juli 28, 2005

Waxing 101

If you dare try it at home

You'll need

- a waxing kit
- a well lit room
- the right room temperature
- a towel to sit on
- a damp towel nearby
- a microwave
- enough liquid courage (I highly recommend a natural root beer with a double shot o' vodka)
- a treat/reward at the end (what I wanted: a sexy man's neck to wrap my smooth-as-a-baby's-butt calves around, what I got: a fat free fudgescicle)
- music helps

1. lay out your towel to sit on, wet the other towel with warm water
2. warm wax up in microwave according to directions on box
3. take deep breaths throughout
4. stir wax with wooden stick, check for right consistency/temperature
5. apply in a downward motion, not too thickly
6. rub fabric strip against waxed area
7. rip off in an upward motion
8. are you still breathing deeply?
9. didn't think so
10. repeat as necessary
11. wash rest of wax off with warm water
12. apply oil/lotion provided
13. treat time!

That *other* area I'm leaving up to a professional!


Osbasso hat gesagt…

Don't take this the wrong way, but from what little opinion I've been able to form about you, you don't strike me as the waxing "type". Then again, I've never understood why a woman would subject herself to that in the first place! Ah, the things you learn on the internet....!

SG hat gesagt…

Oh, I'm quite the girly girl. I like *everything* nice and smooth. Waxing is the best way I have found to get rid of unwanted hair... until I can afford electrolysis. Call me a modern-day hippie :)

Mr 5.25 hat gesagt…

As a man who keeps himself completed shaved "down there" for his lady friends I can appreciate this.