Montag, Juli 25, 2005

It was like a dream

I did not rise from my bed this morning until a quarter past the hour.
By some miracle, I managed to be here three minutes before I had to sign in (at half past). It’s a hair-in-the-ponytail-no-makeup kinda day. It’s a Monday, of course.

Visions of the folk fest just past floating around my semi-conscious brain. Had a lovely time, soaking it all up. Many a time, laying back on the blanket spread out on the space we had claimed as our own in the middle of the field in front of the main stage, I glanced up at the clouds in the sky, and thought “this is exactly where I want to be”.

The familiar faces were nice to see, very reassuring that some traditions never die. People will continue to go back, year after year, to take in the music, the atmosphere, all that this place has come to represent. It struck me that so many families & generations were in attendance. All peacefully coexisting on the island, caught up in its festivities, barely noticing the rest of the world going by. It was like we too were suspended in this alternate place and time. Our Island, for the duration. Thanks to the city, for rebuilding the road. And see you all next year, Folkies!

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