Dienstag, Juli 12, 2005

Loose translation:

The today's day lends wings to your soul. Not only do head and heart harmonise joyfully, you could experience an emotional lift, which lets you take off into seventh heaven. Use the opportunity, in order to bring things in order, with which both fantasy and understanding are asked for.

So I'm playing around on the net this eve, sitting here in my yoga clothes (similar scene yesterday, but it was my sports bra & soccer shorts) eating nachos & salsa, drinking the second to last beer in the fridge. Freaking myself out. Why do I do this? Wish I knew. Guess I feel I need a little celestial assistance with my current 'issues'. The most I'll ever do is draw a runestone- I abhor the thought of going to a fortune teller or reader of palms. Not my thing. So why this sudden outburst in cravings to know what the future is going to bring?

Maybe with my sudden assertiveness and decision to LIVE life instead of being a spectator (albeit, one with really nice pom poms!), I have stumbled on a very important question.
Now what?

I believe there's a grand plan and so to a certain extent, there's not much we as mere mortals can do to alter its course. But personal destiny? Hell, yeah! I'm in charge of getting myself up on the right side of bed every (ok, most) mornings, of deciding to face life with a smile on my face (and a song in my heart)... Ok, let's not get carried away here. Can you tell I'm still exhausted and delirious from the weekend? Nah.

Speaking of which, it's time to get my sassy self into bed so I can get some quality zzz time to be able wake up and smile at the world tomorrow come morn.

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