Montag, Juli 18, 2005

The most beautiful blue babies... I mean berries

"Shedonism" has been born.
Just so you know.
I invented it this weekend.

I got down. I came clean. I remembered what it was like to play, mess around, just be.

I took calculated risks. I tripped over an old habit. I shared one (or two) with my sister. And plenty of laughs. A floor around a sushi table with our dad.

I discovered how liberating truth is.
Especially when it is your own self you're talking to.


This week is shaping up to be most intriguing. Something's in the air, I tell ya. Has to be related to the full moon on Thursday (start of the Folk Fest... Coincidence? I think not).

So far, my mom has quit her job and a dear friend confided in me that she might be with child.

And it's only Monday!!

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Ooohhhh ..... I LIKE it! ;)