Montag, Juli 04, 2005

Two weddings and a magic carpet ride

Don't you hate it when you have brushed your teeth and then have uncontrollable chocolate/ice cream cravings? I said to hell with it and had myself a handful of chocolate chips and a vanilla pudding pop. Currently munching my way through a bowl of strawberries, garnish I lifted from dessert trays at the wedding tonight. Oh well, I can always brush them again!

It has been a fucking awesome long weekend. Kat & I got the party started Thursday night out on the town. Unfortunately the line & cover they were still charging after midnight at my friends show discouraged us from hanging out there. We took a leap and landed on a magic carpet ride of an adventure, flirting on the verge of caution being thrown to the wind. How I love this woman, still up with me at 6 am, giggling, eating chinese food.

Friday was my internet radio oddesey, as chronicled in the last post. Then began my weekend wedding extravaganza. I actually got to be a guest at one yesterday, then worked one tonight. The difference between the two was like night & day. Becky (nickname) and her farmer tied the knot in a small country church, with about 50 people in attendance. They caught a ride in a big red firetruck to the hall, where the Lion's Club catered us our Hawaiian themed feast and cheerfully served home mixed mai tais (so strong the little umbrellas practically stood up by themselves). I cried twice, the moment I saw her come into the church (and intermittedly thoughout the ceremony) then at the reception as one of her bridesmaids toasted her. She does deserve to be toasted, and celebrated and loved and cherished and all of those good things. After seing her glow with pure joy all day long and the meeting of her ~gulp~ husband for the first time yesterday, I believe firmly that this exactly the man for the job.

Today's affair was a plated dinner for 150, the party after the party they held yesterday at the bride's parents mansion. The sup. worded it best, mentioning that most of the guests were just hanging around out of politeness. A big show to impress what appeared to be business associates of the older generation. More concerned with the asthetics, they missed the point completely, that a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love.

There, I have said my piece. Missed the cake (it probably tasted like plastic, anyway). I much preferred the macadamia nut brownie torte baked with much love by my dear friend's brand new father-in-law. And man, can he cut a rug!

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