Dienstag, Juli 26, 2005

it's Tuesday

and we won our game. 3-0, my sister is an absolute superstar. I couldn't catch up to #11, the bitch - she outran me every time. Time to start up again with the morning jogging/stairs routine. This was the summer for kicking ASS, remember? Oh, how easily we forget. Tempted by *special* brownies and lazy days filled live music. Sucker!

I think I finally came down proper sometime this morning at work. I was experiencing an upper plane of emotions this morning seldom visited. I think that's when I do my best writing, express what's down deep in there. I was tired of the fence sitting so I stirred it up a little last night after practise. Summarized in four paragraphs today, hit send and voila! Attitude adjustment complete.

I'm okay with being a hopeless romantic, by the by. It suits me. Look, I'm wearing a floral flowy dress, for god sakes! You'll often see me describe myself as a hippie, in this place, the Almighty Kingdom of Sass. And you know what? That's perfectly ok with me too. So there.

Just got of the phone with my Kat, she's up in ze mountains with her germans. I both envy and pity her. Funny, that. I'll be making a trip of my own through ze mountains soon, with the *added bonus* of going places I have never been before. In all the variations that might bring. Hmmm. Let's go ponder that one, shall we? Or, we could just call it a night. 'night.

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