Sonntag, Juli 31, 2005

Ok, so I knew I wasn't going to be having a weekend (I even wrote those exact words a few days back), but here it is Sunday noon and I have a panic on that I'm not going to be able to get anything done. Since I don't know how late tonight's shift at the family reuinion will be (some of the prime people watching will be had, for sure), and tomorrow begins my 3 day work week with all three evenings booked, I'm wondering when *everything else* is going to find time to get done before my trip begins Thursday. Where did I leave that magic wand?

Just called in to give myself a couple of extra hours. 'K, prioritize... should I tackle the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom? So far I have had some playtime, a cuppa green tea (with lemongrass), a shower, and I rolled down Jules' windows & opened the sunroof. Baby, it's HOT outside!!

Granted, I keep myself busy on purpose, and for valid reasons. But you do need balance. Good thing I can combine work with fun quite easily. Yesterday was a 100 person wedding reception in the backyard of the middle aged couple's home in a nearby town. Nice & laid back, these people were a pleasure to serve. Despite the heatwave we sweated through, it was a 'great event' in several ways: hangin out with E & Lee, enough extra nibblies, high praise AND cash tips!

Better continue gettin' my checklist checked before I have to leave. Uh oh, I think the plants need watering too...

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