Samstag, Juli 23, 2005

Half-Nekked Thursday {excuse the folkfest detained lateness}

And here we have it. My first ever HNT. Woo Hoo! May I present a calf, ladies & gents. The other two hiking booted feet belong to Kat, my partner in crime on the White Swan camping trip. I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to take this shot, but here it is and here you have it.

This really is a fun concept. Although I must confess, it was partly Hot mama Blaze and partly Kristy's naked courage (and breezy elegance) who have inspired me to disclothe myself on the www. Now if you could please excuse me, I'm going to get Nekkid and to bed.

*update on the festivities* yay! It's only Friday. Two whole glorious days lie ahead, as I hang like wallpaper and mix with the folk on the island. I realized tonight during my emotional singalong with the indigo girls' Power of Two just how many memories I have of this place, and how much I enjoy the whole experience of the weekend. A lot of people enjoying the music, themselves and eachother. I just mentioned having the premonition that I was going to see familiar faces. Lots of lovely people, I think the count is at about a dozen. Really a Happy Shiny People type of gathering. Such a beautiful night that I walked home ~ that moon is reaking havoc. Good thing it's of the peaceful Shiva (I know, that's a contradiction) kind of havoc. I am a walking contradiction these days, have decided to embrace it in its entirety.


SG hat gesagt…

Damn! I'm *two* days late for HNT! Oh well, better late than never, oui?

Osbasso hat gesagt…

Two days late, but we're a fairly easy-going group, so we won't hold it against you. Too much!

Welcome to HNT! Hope to see more of you in the future! So to speak.