Samstag, Juli 16, 2005

Hedonism Part 1

*or, how to make Sassy's Saturday Morning truly great*

- Just say NO! when asked to work a plated dinner for 500 (even if it IS a wedding)
- Stay in bed till noon
- Make sure you have *fresh* batteries
- When, and only when you're truly ready, get up and wander about in robe & slippers
- Give yourself a face mask with that mud that heats up
- Have a whole little pot of coffee to yourself with dark hot chocolate mixed in
- Prepeare and enjoy a goats cheese/cheddar turkey bacon & tomato omelette
- This is important: DON'T LEAVE ANY LEFTOVERS
- Keep the beats coming, change station according to mood
- Don't forget to take your vitamins!
- Purrrrrrrrrr

:) Happy Hedonistic Weekend!


Omni hat gesagt…

My favorite weekend indulgence is: Send husband out for jelly donuts!! :-)

RB hat gesagt…

Whats the Batteries for... im confused...

SG hat gesagt…

that's cause you're a boy ;)