Samstag, Juli 30, 2005

in another life we were both cats

I attended a birthday party (one of a rash of thirtieths that have been breaking out recently) this lovely Summer's eve. Allie is a girl I came to know and share a happy symbiotic relationship with the year before last. A very old aquaintance (our moms were friends when we were wee) mentioned A's plight with finding someone to sublet her *very cool* Mission apartment (half of the bottom of an old, funky house) for a few months and possibly take over some furniture, real cheap. I was a girl desparate to get outta her mom's basement in the 'burbs with not a whole lot of baggage, furniture wise (I had moved back to Canada from Germany and started from scratch a few years prior). So me and Allie struck a deal.

She has since returned from her traipsing around the US, South America, Montreal, oh, I've plumb lost track... and has reintegrated herself nicely into the ever fascinating Ramsay/Inglewood community. I loved each and every one of the colourful cast of characters I encountered tonight, and quite enjoyed the diversity of the entity gathered in her petite back yard. Teelights in stained glass holders, a fire going in the pit, it was at once lively and mellow, celebratory and familiar.

Another strange cosmic connection that A & I unknowingly share are mutual friends ~ at her last get-together I ran into my first crush from grade 3 (the infamous DJ who consequensly ended up rocking my housewarming partee back in March). Tonight it was an old flame, and as it turns out, one who used to stoke her fire as well. The universe sometimes works in mysterious ways, doesn't it? Small world indeed...

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