Montag, Juli 11, 2005

[I am] Unlimited Potential

Don't you love a cursor blinking on a white background? How it beckons, calls to you. To put fingers to keys, to fill the void. With whatever you wish. Unlimited Potential. Funny, that's what this summer's motto was to be. Going to wash the whiteboard of:

"Hoere die Musik, erlebe und erkenne dich selbt, Werde, der du bist!"
(Listen to the music, live and learn to recognize yourself, Be who you are)

and replace it with a fresh new mantra.

The time has come to put this dreaming into action. Play the music, be the music, don't just sit back listening to it. Start those baby steps towards the cliff. Oh, wait, maybe we should be checking to see if the parachute is packed properly first... That may just have been my mistake the past few times I have jumped off that ledge, freefalling and then splat! You get the picture.

My Kat would say I'm being too hard on myself again. That those weren't really crashes, just little stumbles along the way, bound to happen to anyone merrily tripping along the road of life. Which brings me directly (in a round about way) to my next bit 'o wisdom: if that road's not working for you, choose a different one. You know, the one without the big gaping hole in the middle of it. Patience, Grasshopper! And you too, Biene Babbling Brook.

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