Donnerstag, Juli 07, 2005

SG: 3 World: 0

My Goodness. Already halfway through my big ass slurpee (they were out of small cups, what's a girl to do?). It's a rainbow of sugary goodness, blue, pink & green on top, to celebrate our 8-0 WIN over the girls in green. YAY!! It was so nice to be out on the field with my sista again, with her huge grin and even huger kicks. We lost the battle over the mosquitos though (I think we must have gone through 6 or 7 cans of spray). Luckily the little buggers don't have a very long life span, and it's about to get HOT here for awhile... Right Mother Nature?

Tomorrow sees the beginning of our fair city's greatest outdoor show on earth. What fucking ever... I'm seriously thinking of boycotting the whole kit and caboodle after the tragic and so unnecessary death of nine wild horses. Why those stupid people couldn't get their heads out of their asses and realize that to bring 200 of them into a city of almost a million, alongside highway, river AND Traintracks is not a good idea is beyond my comprehension. There you have it, my rant for the month.

My sudden assertiveness has brought me rich rewards, however. A window on the world in two months, for one. Second, the satisfaction of telling the video store off. That really got my adrenalin pumping! Go Sass Go!

Finishing off the rest of my slush as I try to work off the buzz from ingesting it by folding Uhu's mountain of laundry. He really is my brotha from anotha motha! He's even listed under my 'family' contacts, right next to my Kat. I can't wait for all the fun we're going to have this weekend, kicking some VIP lounge ass! (Almost as much fun as I had with my girls in yella tonight, fighting the mosquitos AND the lime avalanche).

Sassy's feeling: Pretty Kick ASS! :)

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Steve hat gesagt…

Sign me up for your Stampede Boycott. If I never set foot on the Ex grounds again it'll be too soon.

This is the week that people traditionally stumble down my block from Stampete parties and tear the trim off my car, or bend the antenna or (in the past) push my motorbike over just for kicks.